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Number of Perfection 7 and the Numerical Root of God’s Glory 370

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Number and Root Pair 7–370

Lastly, let us talk about 7 and its self root 370 – this pair represents the glorious manifestation of God’s life, way, truth and grace. Due to God’s redemption we are entering into heaven and enjoying rest with and in God; in the same way we are entering the kingdom of God and having the intimate union with God eventually realized. All these spiritual realities are invisible to man’s naked eyes but can be felt and experienced by saints who are living a life that overcomes numerous obstacles.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the number root 370 comes from the number 37 according to the Trinity Root Function. We can understand this way: 37 represents Lord Jesus, who is the Head, the King of kings and Lord of lords*; 370 represents the kingdom of God, which is th...

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