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Some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns have been translated into English

Encouraged by China Soul for Christ and needed by our local family meetings, we have translated some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns into English. The following are a selected few rough translations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make the translations better. If you have the leading of the Lord and the burden to join our team to do more translations, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Thank you and God bless you as we are waiting for His Son’s soon return!

在黑夜 In Dark Night
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 478)

在黑夜,我已看見黎明,In dark night I’ve seen the dawning
在黑夜,我已看見晨星,In dark night I’ve seen the morning
在黑夜我要向主昂首,In the dark I turn to the Lord
讚美的歌更加動聽。Songs of praise get more sounding


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