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Resurrection of Mankind: Its Number and Root of Number 8—(1459-919)

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Appointed number and root pair 8—(1459-919)

This appointed number and root pair 8—(1459-919) is closely associated with mankind’s resurrection after death.

One glance at this root (1459-919) will tell us in black and white that resurrection after death will not only take place for certain, but will also include each one of us. The reason is that everyone is hitched to this (1459-919) cycle and eventually no one can escape the reality of having to face death and resurrection, whether you believe it or not, and whether you are willing or not.

In this dual-element root, the number 1459 (we can call it “the branched root”) can be truncated (or cut into smaller pieces) as 1/45/9: The number 45 is the Theomatic value of “Adam,” number 1 in front of 45 means the first one, i.e...

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