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Revisit 911’s Spiritual Meaning on the Day of September-11 Anniversary

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Editor’s note: Today is the 13th anniversary of the world famous “terrorist” event that took place in New York on September 11, 2001 (BTW, by the context of its first occurrence in the Bible, the number 13 carries the meaning of “rebellion”). The reason we put the word “terrorist” in brackets is because many do not know the spiritual meaning of this event and its trumpet-blowing significance in terms of Biblical prophecies...

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Who Are Your Enemies and Who Your Friends?

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According to the Bible, these three groups of people first welcomed Jesus when He came to the earth as a new-born baby: (1) shepherds living out in the fields, (2) devout man Simeon and old prophetess Anna in the temple of Jerusalem and (3) a few Magi who traveled a long way from the east.

Likewise, there were also three types of people who first showed their hostility, indifference and being disturbed: (1) King Herod as the Antichrist, (2) priests and scribes as Falsechrists, and (3) “all Jerusalem” that was greatly disturbed upon hearing the news of His birth.

Thus we can foresee that, when the mankind enters into a special time interval shortly before His second coming, only three groups of people are willing and able to know and accept all the truths about the Day of the Lord...

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Some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns have been translated into English

Encouraged by China Soul for Christ and needed by our local family meetings, we have translated some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns into English. The following are a selected few rough translations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make the translations better. If you have the leading of the Lord and the burden to join our team to do more translations, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Thank you and God bless you as we are waiting for His Son’s soon return!

在黑夜 In Dark Night
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 478)

在黑夜,我已看見黎明,In dark night I’ve seen the dawning
在黑夜,我已看見晨星,In dark night I’ve seen the morning
在黑夜我要向主昂首,In the dark I turn to the Lord
讚美的歌更加動聽。Songs of praise get more sounding


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New Content Published as a Booklet

end time booklet

We published certain part of the 9th book “Manna on the Sixth Day” as a booklet because of the urgency of the content. Currently the booklet is only available in Chinese and we are in the process of translating it into English. The English title is set to “Waking Up at the Midnight Cry”, based on verses in Matthew 25:1-13.

We may choose to publish certain chapters of the book during the English translation process.

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Cover Design for “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible” Finalized

cover for book Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible


After exchanging numerous communications with designer Ranilo Cabo for a couple of weeks, we have a final cover design for our next book “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible” – take a look at the cover for the book in both Chinese and English:


Many thanks to Ranilo Cabo for his patience in working for this design.

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Selected Daily Messages of the Sword for the End Times (Book I) in Chinese Is Available on Amazon Kindle

Yes, directly from Amazon Kindle store you can get the selected daily messages for our book “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation” – here is the link:

We wanted to distribute this version free of charge but Amazon Kindle does not allow for this. So you have to pay $0.99 to get it.

You can read these selected daily messages online too, directly from this link at scribd.

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New Book in Chinese: The Sword for the End Times (I) – Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation

Because of the mercy and special arrangement of the Lord, we can publish this little book “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation” in Classified Chinese today.

This book was written in a format similar to “Streams in the Desert” – each day’s message is short and independent but the assembly of all daily pieces presents a full picture of the great puzzle. Right now, we are translating this book into English so more people can read it.

In the eve of the Christ’s Second Coming, nothing is more important than a better understanding of this central theme in the Bible: direct correlation between “the salvation of the Cross” and “the one-thousand-year Millennium kingdom.” The following is a video we made for promoting this book:


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