What is TRUTH?

WHAT IS TRUTH?” (John 18:38)

Echoes throughout the human history is Pilate’s response to the words of the Jesus of Nazareth in the earthly judgment court:

“You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the TRUTH. Everyone who is of the TRUTH hears My voice.” (John 18:37)

In deed many people doubt that there is an absolute truth at all, just like Pilate who in his high position had seen so much false for so long. Even Jesus in front of him could not let him see the truth unless he had the true Messiah crucified! To tell the truth, one has to pay a high price. For the TRUTH Himself to bear witness, He had to pay the price of death, which was planned to be our redemption before Creation.

Yet it is interesting that the Greek gematria value for TRUTH is 64, and there are many ways for us to break this number 64 apart. No matter how, there is only one way from God’s perspective but two meaningful ways for humans, depending whether you want to see from all angles or from one angle. In principle, we can break the Unified Truth into VISIBLE TRUTH and INVISIBLE TRUTH. The goal is to help all to enter from the VISIBLE truth into the INVISIBLE truth.

To put in perspective, you can assemble 64 small cubes to form a big cube (4x4x4 = 64). If you look at this big cube from one direction – the direction how the cube is presented to you in the drawing on the left when you see 3 faces of the cube, then count how many of the small cubes you can see. Yes, 37 cubes forming a 3-face corner which you can see readily. Now, how many invisible cubes that are blocked? Yes, exactly 27 (3x3x3)! This is why we say 37 represents the 3F visible truth while 27 the 3D invisible truth.

However, if we look at this same big TRUTH cube consisted of 64 small cubes from all directions (stereoscopic view), you will find the true number of the outer visible cubes is 56 (2x2x2x7) and that of the inner invisible 8 (2x2x2)! Did you know what we mean? So we say 56 is the number for 6F Visible Truth and 8 the 3D Invisible Truth. To help you perceive this in geometry, we see that all the outer 56 small cubes forming an enclosed cubic room, just like the Holy of Holies in God’s Temple, which contains, in closely stacked form, 8 small cubes inside. Now you should understand why 8 (=2x2x2, the number for Christ) is what Paul calls “Christ in you, the hope of Glory!” (Colossians 1:27).

The goal of this ministry is to TRY to assemble all 64 pieces of the Unified Truth together from different genuine TRUTH believers and from our own fresh understandings of the Bible, in order to form a gigantic CUBE OF TRUTH which can strengthen the spiritually weak people at the End Times.

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How do we know if what we preach is true? (1) Because we know the objective TRUTH is guiding and correcting us to walk from His Cornerstone to Capstone – so we know He will complete the work until He comes back the Second Time. (2) Because we are willing to die for what we preach! The TRUTH Himself did the same thing, bearing witness to TRUTH to the point of death, even death on the Cross.

We are ready to preach what we will die for. Do you dare to hear what we say and then join us in proclaiming the truth?