We have published the six-volume “End Times Books” written by Taichuan Tongs in Chinese via TheoLogos Publications and the following is a list of the six books in English — so far the first two have been translated into English (click each link to see if the English translation is available in each category on our online bookstore – a shorter version of the same link is given after the longer version):

  1. “Numbers and the Roots of Numbers in the Bible” |
  2. “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation” |
  3. “The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books” |
  4. “Daily Gathering of Manna (I): Touching Pivotal Issues in the Bible” |
  5. “Daily Gathering of Manna (II): A Unified View of the Four Gospels” |
  6. “Daily Gathering of Manna (III): Gleanings the Whole Bible” |

To allow readers to see these publications faster, we post here selected sections and daily messages. We encourage others to translate them into languages other than Chinese and English. Please contact us for royalty information.

Update 1: We have got the Trial Reading version for all six books done. Please use the following form or the form on the right-hand side to get the download URL and password sent to you. Note that our system needs you confirm email address – non-confirmed email address will be ignored and rejected.


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Update 2:All six Chinese books and two English translations now have the physical softcover print version, please click here to purchase at our online bookstore.

The following is a prezi presentation for the second book: