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Who Are Your Enemies and Who Your Friends?

end time booklet

According to the Bible, these three groups of people first welcomed Jesus when He came to the earth as a new-born baby: (1) shepherds living out in the fields, (2) devout man Simeon and old prophetess Anna in the temple of Jerusalem and (3) a few Magi who traveled a long way from the east.

Likewise, there were also three types of people who first showed their hostility, indifference and being disturbed: (1) King Herod as the Antichrist, (2) priests and scribes as Falsechrists, and (3) “all Jerusalem” that was greatly disturbed upon hearing the news of His birth.

Thus we can foresee that, when the mankind enters into a special time interval shortly before His second coming, only three groups of people are willing and able to know and accept all the truths about the Day of the Lord...

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