Some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns have been translated into English

Encouraged by China Soul for Christ and needed by our local family meetings, we have translated some of Xiao Min’s Canaan Hymns into English. The following are a selected few rough translations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make the translations better. If you have the leading of the Lord and the burden to join our team to do more translations, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Thank you and God bless you as we are waiting for His Son’s soon return!

在黑夜 In Dark Night
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 478)

在黑夜,我已看見黎明,In dark night I’ve seen the dawning
在黑夜,我已看見晨星,In dark night I’ve seen the morning
在黑夜我要向主昂首,In the dark I turn to the Lord
讚美的歌更加動聽。Songs of praise get more sounding

在黑夜,花香更濃,In dark night flowers smell sweeter
在黑夜,腳步更加堅定,In dark night steps of life grow stronger
黑夜的路已經沒有幾程,Paths in dark are becoming short
你切記務要爲主盡忠。You take heart your promise to Him

主啊我讚美袮 My Lord, I Praise Your Name
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 5)

主啊我讚美袮!My Lord, I praise your name
因爲袮揀選了我,Because you’ve chosen me
在這茫茫的人海中,Among the whole sea of dying beings
是袮把我找尋。You are searching for me

主啊我讚美袮!My Lord, I praise your name
因爲袮愛了我,Because you have loved me
袮的愛充滿整個宇宙,Your love fills entire universe
充滿整個山河。And fills the mountains and rivers

袮的愛曾拯救多少人,Your love has saved so many souls
袮的愛曾激勵我們去生活。Your love drives us to live on
誰不向袮屈身下拜,Who will not kneel and bowdown
誰不向袮高唱讚歌?Who will not sing you a song?

我們偉大的神啊,Great are you, our dear Lord
我們偉大的上帝!Great are you, our only Father
是袮把我們從塵土中高舉,It is you who lifts us from the death valley
把我們從塵土中高舉。It is you who saves us from the grave

說不盡袮的慈愛,Speak we can never tell all your love
唱不盡袮的公義;Sing we can never sing your justice
在這廣闊的大地上,On this land great, large and wide
誰不感謝讚美袮?Who will not give thanks and praise

最知心的朋友 Lord, You Are the Best Friend in My Heart
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 34)

主袮是我最知心的朋友,Lord you are the best friend in my heart
主袮是我最親愛的伴侶;Lord you’re the guide on the way
我的心在天天追想着袮,Everyday my heart is searching for you
渴望見到袮的面。Longing to see your face
在我人生的每一個臺階,In every step of my life
在我人生的每一個小站,At each stop of my striving path
袮的手總是在攙拉着我,Your hand’s always guiding me
把我帶在袮身邊。Keeping me to your side
告訴我當走的路,Tell me where I should go
沒有滑向死亡綫。So I won’t slip to the death line
袮愛何等的長闊高深,Lord, your love is so deep and wide
我心發出驚歎,My heart sighs in awe
有了主還要什麼?What more can I ask for than you?
我心與主心相連,Lord you are my all in all
我已起誓要跟隨主,I have promised to follow you
永不改變!Never to depart

主我們深深地知道 Lord We Deeply Know
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 56)

主我們深深地知道 Lord we deeply know
在每一個時刻裏 At every moment of time,
袮的愛從來 Your love has never
從來就沒有減去 Never ceased to me charm;
主我們深深地知道 Lord we deeply know
在每一個時刻裏 In every day of my life,
我們唯一的同伴就是袮 Our only companion is you, just you.
我們的心 Our heart’s deep cry
癡情地嚮往袮 Is to passionately seek you,
我們的心 Our heart’s deep cry
癡情地追隨袮 Is to passionately follow you,
因爲袮是千萬 Because you’re the first man
人的第一人 Among ten thousand men,
沒有什麼能和袮相比 Nothing can be compared with you
沒有什麼能和袮相比 Nothing can be compared with you

聖靈帶着你我走 The Spirit Carries You and Me
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 240)

聖靈帶着你我走 The Spirit carries you and me,
帶着你我走 Carries you and me.
我們都說好不回頭 We‘ve set not to turn around,
說好不回頭 Not to turn around.
歷經滄桑風雨後 After many years of wind
風雨後 Years of rain,
你會發現走過的路 You will find the ways you’ve trod,
有人也在走 Someone will follow.
走過多少灣 Having made many turns
翻過多少溝 And crossed many pits,
看着夕陽西下 Having seen many sunsets,
江水東流 Many rivers,
燕南歸 Many birds flying south,
雪花漂 And many snow flakes falling.
走出去是個天 Walking outside is to heaven,
向前莫停留 Never turn around.

既然跟從了主Because I’ve Followed the Lord
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 111)

既然跟從了主啊,我就不回頭。Because I’ve followed the Lord, I won’t turn around
既然認定了主啊,我就不後悔;Because I’ve found the Lord, I won’t feel regret
雖然道路難行,沒有一句怨言。Even the path is rough, I have no word of complaint
雖然淚水滿面,我心卻甘甜。Even tears are falling now, I feel sweet in my heart

服事主不是在那、不是在那綠蔭下,It is not in the comfort, the comfort under a tree
服事主不是在那、不是在那溫室中,It is not in the comfort, the comfort of a house
要走進那牢房,走過流淚谷,To serve the Lord in prison, through the valley of tears
經過瑪拉才能到達以琳。To pass through the place of Marah, to get to the place of Elim.

哭過、笑過、唱過、沉默過 Wept, Laughed, Sang and Kept Silent
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 520)

哭過、笑過、唱過、沉默過, Wept, laughed, sang and kept silent
走過、停過、火熱過、灰心過,Walked, stopped, spirited and discouraged
走過最低最低的深谷,Passed, passed through the deepest valleys
爬過最高最高的山坡,Crossed, crossed the highest mountains
年復一年有過失落,Year after year, we had some loss
困苦顛連有過收獲,Pain after pain, we had some gain
歲月的大浪在耳邊衝過,Great waves of time had flowed past our ears
悲喜的眼淚無數次流過,Bitter-sweet tears had fallen many times
看那終於有一道天上的生命河,Behold, a river of life has finally come down
流向中國,醫治中國,得着中國。Flowing to, healing now, winning China

感恩的淚 Thankful Tears
(Original Xiao Min’s Hymn No. 303)

感恩的淚 Thankful tears
止不住地流 Cannot cease falling,
心裏的話兒 Words from my heart
說也說不夠 Cannot stop flowing,
一雙釘痕的手 His nail-wounded hands
叩響久閉的門 Keep knocking on my heart,
一個柔和的聲音 The tender voice of my Lord
把我們的心奪走 Captures the heart of my soul.
明知這路 Knowing the way
是十字架的路 Is the way of the Cross,
有風、有雨、很大 It is windy with heavy rains,
很難、也很苦 It is rough and bitter.
主慈愛的手 The merciful hands of the Lord
時時拉着你的手 Are always holding my hands,
沒有任何的理由 No reason not to keep walking
不去走腳下的路 On the path of His way.

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