Why did Daniel call himself “he” before Daniel 7 and “me” after?


“As for me, Daniel, my spirit was distressed within me, and the visions in my mind kept alarming me.” (Daniel 7:15)

In the book of Daniel, when chapters one to six mention Daniel, a third-person pronoun “he” is used. However, in chapters seven to twelve Daniel uses a first-person pronoun “I” or “me” to refer to himself.

Do not take it lightly. The word “he” indicates that, however close his relationship is with God, he is still an outsider.

But the word “I” speaks of a relationship with God that has entered into an inner sanctum. Isn’t God’s own name “I am”?

Normally we think that Daniel’s spiritual life had reached a climax when he was serving in the king’s court or when he faced the lions’ den without fear. However, the opinion of the Holy Spirit often dares to differ from that of man.

Moreover, the original text points out that the first time “I” was used was in the above verse (Daniel 7:15); if there is any “I” or “me” in any verses before this one, they were in fact added by translators according to context.

Here we see that his spirit is connected with being “distressed” and “alarming”.

Put it this way, if a person’s fear of God were not from his or her acknowledgement of self’s weakness and ignorance, then your “I” would not even come close to the “I” of God.

This daily devotional message is taken from Taichuan Tongs new book “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation”

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