Particularities of 1|10 and 37|370

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Chapter 6: Particularities of 1|10 and 37|370

Zero is not included in the nine basic natural numbers from 1 to 9. In fact, 0 can be combined with any of the nine numbers to form an infinite number of other numbers.

However, among the nine basic natural numbers the number 1 is both a number and a numerical root, which sets it apart from all the other eight numbers.

We have said it earlier above, that the number 1 represents God the Father in the Trinity; it also represents the Trinity overall. In other words, whenever number 1 is mentioned, it refers to God Himself.

We can calculate with ease that, 1 is not only the numerical root of 1, it is also the root for all other numbers with 0’s after it, e.g. 10, 100, 1,000 …

Although the number 1 shares the same numerical root 1 with other numbers with 0’s after 1, it is NOT equal to any of them as far as quantity is concerned, just as 1 is not the same as 10, 100, 1000, etc.

This reveals a truth to us: As the Creator, God is forever 1 or the first in order, and this unique role can never be replaced by any beings. Although created beings came from God, some of them do have 1 as their root, just like numbers 10, 100, 1000, etc., but they are different from the Creator.

In other words, all humans who have received the Lord Jesus’ salvation and have been born again according to God’s image and likeness should have the same life quality as God because 1 and 10 have the same numerical root. However, no one should offend the only 1 – the Person of God Himself.

God is God and humans are humans. We should never be confused about that because the prototypes of 1 and 10 are not the same number. This is the meaning of the word “likeness” in Hebrew – we are like Him but not Himself.

On one hand the number 10 shows us that after mankind’s grand finale, that is represented by number 9, all things go back to their origin and all come before God, who is represented by 1.

On the other hand, we should also see that 10 is a number of fullness and perfection – 10 out of 10 – to be obtained after going through many tests and various kinds of chastening and then entering into the peace of God.

Nevertheless, 10 is composed of 1 and 0. This is to say, only when a person goes back to 0, i.e. having completely forsaken and extinguished the old life from the old Adam, and having put on the new person of Christ, he or she could unite with God and enjoy the eternal presence of God abundantly that is represented by 10.

When the Day of the Lord approaches, according to God’s timetable, the Holy Spirit is using the numbers to solve for us, one by one, the difficult issues that have been perplexing us for a long, long time. For this alone, we can do nothing but truly repent with a grateful heart and accept renewed concepts and inspirations from God.

Beside 1 and 10, there is another pair of numbers that carry similar meanings and demand our special attention. They are 37 and 370.

If we use the Trinity Root Function to calculate, we will find that 1 and 10 share the same root which is 1. However in reverse, no matter how you calculate, 1 cannot be changed back to 10; likewise, although the numbers 37 and 370 share the same root which is 370, in reverse 370 cannot be changed to 37.

Based on this comparison, we can say that the essence of these two numbers is the same. In other words, number 1 represents God the Father, and 37 represents the Lord Jesus because He is God incarnate. At the same time the Lord’s person in the Trinity cannot be replaced by any.

Therefore, if you are clear about the above, you can abide your human identity and will not be deceived or misled by heresies and cults to a point that you still consider yourself to belong to the Lord while in fact you are on the wings of a false prophet or even a false Christ without knowing it.

According to the Trinity Root Function, 1 cannot be changed to 10, but 37 on the other hand, can be changed to 370. This is because, the Lord Jesus became flesh from the Word as 37 changes to 370 – the king of God’s kingdom and the head of the Church. All saints who are in Christ become Christ’s body in 370. Thus we know deeply what kind of price the Lord had actually paid by humbling Himself and being born as man!

In addition, the Bible has many other examples expressed in numbers to testify the subtle relations between 1 and 37 and 10 and 370. Let us just examine a few in the following:

The numerical root 371 also points to the Lord Jesus because we know that 371 = 370 + 1, where 370 is the number of God’s heavenly kingdom and 1 speaks the Lord as God, Jesus as the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and the King of God’s kingdom. He is also the head of the body of Christ.

Numerical root 407 represents those who have entered into the grace of the Lord. We know 407 = 37 + 370, where 37 like 1 is the number of the Lord God and 370 is the kingdom of God. So you can see that these three numerical roots 370, 371 and 407 have an inseparable inner relationship among themselves.

The Theomatic value of the first verse in the whole Bible is 2701; the Theomatic value of the name “Jesus” in Greek is 888. From here we can see:

2701 = 888 + 888 + 888 + 37

This speaks volumes for the testament of 888—37—Jesus was the express image of the Triune God’s Person when the Word became flesh the first time. (c.f. Hebrews 1:3)

The Theomatic value of the last verse in the whole Bible is 8991. From this number we get this:

8991 = 888 + 888 + 888 + (37 x 9 x 19)

Compared to the previous division, 888+888+888+37, this latter number contains two extra factors 9 and 19 while the branched root 919 itself represents the resurrection of all human beings when the Lord Jesus comes the second time. Do you still say that this narrative symmetry of the Bible’s first and last verses happened by coincidence?

All in all, the Holy Spirit has always been trying to let us see this: God’s kingdom 370 exists in heaven, not on earth; all people who have become sons and daughters of God in 10 are the “substance” of this heavenly kingdom. The numbers 1 and 37 represent God and Jesus Christ as the head; 10 and 370 represent all the children of God who have united with God and have God’s given eternal life in them. They assemble as the body of Christ.

If your perception of the above is not clear, you might fall into the trap of the evil one in attempting to understand the day of the Lord on the surface but ignoring the life and death warning that demands our sole attention, which is whether we can enter into 370, i.e. whether our names are written in the Lord’s Book of Life.


This chapter is taken from Taichuan Tongs book “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible” published by TheoLogos Publications – click the text link or cover image to learn how nine roots of numbers were unprecedentedly discovered that connect all numbers together no matter how big they are.

As a result, study of numbers in the Bible has three levels: (1) surface numbers, (2) families of numbers and (3) roots of numbers.

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